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Yacht and Catamaran Builders Dream

Horizon Yachts Power Catamaran PC58Internationally acclaimed Horizon Yachts makes investing in the latest technology a priority in order to achieve its goal of building the best yacht possible for award winning performance, style, and elegance.  Engineering, technology and luxury designs are planned to the highest standards and the smallest detail. 
As part of the manufacturing process Horizon has invested in a Gantry Milling machine which incorporates 5 axis routing as opposed to conventional 3 axis routers typically used in manufacturing.

Building yachts with a 5 axis router ensures that Horizon stays at the leading edge of manufacturing technology and capability as well as a competitive advantage in delivering outstanding craftsmanship and the most elegant of designs in the yachting industry with greater efficiency standards. A 5 axis router allows for movement and rotation on 5 different planes achieving consistency and integrity in design during the yacht manufacturing process. 

Working at 1,800 inches per minute, and the ability to stop at any precise position within a 0.01-inch tolerance is one of the greatest advantages of using a 5 axis router. 

Below is a list of the important key factors for yacht builders to use a 5 axis router.

  • Easier maneuverability in the yacht manufacturing process
  • Greater accuracy at higher speeds with precise measurements
  • Increased efficiency in set up times
  • Higher quality work
  • Perfectly symmetrical large part manufacturing
  • Masterfully constructed artistry
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater scale of economy passed on to the buyer

Horizon Yachts RP104 Custom Luxury Mega YachtThere are yachts and then there are yachts built to a highest standards, luxury yachts where elegance and rugged durability are no longer a contradiction; and this becomes a reality with Horizon Yachts world class manufacturing processes.  Make sure the yacht you are buying is from a world class manufacturer that has invested in the latest technology.  Horizon Yachts is among the top 5 manufactures in the world and is constantly updating their processes and technology like the use of a 5 axis router in their CNC Milling Process with the acquisition of the Gantry 2000 Milling machine the ultimate dream machine for yacht builders. 

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