America’s Cup 2013 The New Catamaran Design AC 45 for Oracle Racing

Check out this amazing America’s Cup test slide show of the 2013 AC45 Oracle Racing Yacht.  This is an incredible presentation documenting the intensity and celebration of the new high tech design engineered in Auckland marking a brand new era in America’s Cup racing.

America’s cup has a long tradition beginning in 1815 of pushing the envelope in racing, cutting edge design and technology, world class yachtsmen athleticism, and complexity of strategies.

The 2013 defender of America’s Cup, Oracle Racing of the Golden Gate Yacht Club is keeping with tradition and is already testing it’s chosen high performance Catamaran design the AC45 to compete against the Swedish challenger in a high speed fast action heart pounding all out competition.

There is no other design like a catamaran that can create a world class racing boat.  Only the best design will do that can give the sailing team high performance, great speed and control, low drag and agility out on the open water.

Enjoy the AC45 Test Slide show as the Auckland engineering team together with the Oracle racing team puts the latest AC45 racing boat to the test and pushes her past the limits.  A spectacular display of design and team, form and function, catamarans are the wave of the future.

Power Cats are the natural design evolution of sailing yachts and the new high-tech design of the Horizon PC58 defines the evolution of high performance luxury yachts built using the Seeman Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process (SCRIMP), a vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding process that produces parts excellent for marine technology.

Check out the Horizon PC58 online and at her debut at the 2011 Fort Lauderdale International Boat show October 27-31, 2011.

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