SCRIMP the Optimum Hull Construction for Luxury Yachts

SCRIMP Manufacturing process for Yacht HullsHorizon Yachts has obtained a licensing agreement with Seeman Corp a recognized leader in large scale resin infusion technology to use the SCRIMP process an acronym for Seeman Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process a patented composite process used in the  production of the luxury power catamaran yacht PC58 model.  

The SCRIMP process is capable of molding a yacht hull in one piece up to 3,000 pounds. SCRIMP produces boats that are double the strength and durability in comparison to other processes.  The SCRIMP process also reduces the hull weight, creates greater efficiency in production time.  SCRIMP is also an environmentally friendly production technology composite reducing the amount of emissions and eliminating VOC (Volatile organic compounds) emissions released into the atmosphere during construction by other resin processes during the curing cycle.

SCRIMP is an industry-wide revolution now being used in a broad range of applications including yacht hulls, large parts for marine applications, aerospace, DOD, amusement park rides, automotive, satellite dishes, windmills, train cars, etc. SCRIMP is a process that builds high quality large scale parts and structures at a cost savings price.



  • Environmentally friendly, closed system traps VOC emissions.
  • Minimal need for solvents reduces VOC emissions by as much as 90% over open molding processes.
  • Styrene levels are decreased, eliminating the need for the exchange of heated air.
  • Reduces the need for masks, gloves, and protective clothing.
  • Improved product quality – strength and weight
  • Reduced labor and materials needs.

Horizon Yacht works as an integrated team of marine design architects, engineers, interior professionals, and manufacturing specialists to produce stylish, functional, and safe luxury yachts that includes all the amenities to satisfy the most discerning yachting enthusiast. 

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